ISOKON Sintered UHMW Polyethylene Ground Protection Mat
ISOTRACK L (Construction site、Temporary Access and Ground Protection mat)

Temporary Access Mat and light weight

Isotrack L series Man-Handable Mat provides safe temporary access, work areas, protection over soft ground conditions and hard surfaces.  Two person lift for easy handling and installation


Key information and Features

  • One mat haw two different traction surfaces- for vehicle and pedestrian use. 
  • IsoTraction R surface designed and tested to provide the best vehicle tyre traction surface on the market. 
  • Unique elongated connector hole design to compensate linear expansion/shrinkage of mats during extreme temperature
  • Customer Logo option


Key benefits

  • Support vehicle weights up to 80 tonnes
  • Man-handable mat-two person lift and easy handling using the hand cut-outs
  • Fast and easy to install using a choice of connection options
  • Compression moulded high performance thermoplastic material resistant to chemicals and oil and is UV protected
  • Flexible but tough and durable mat for long life use
  • 100% recyclable at end life


Applications Main Sectors

  • Utilities
  • Construction and civil engineering 
  • Drilling conrractors
  • Transmission
  • Events
  • Emergency access 
  • Temporary road and work place areas 
  • Hard and soft landscaping work
  • Sport facilities and recreational grounds 
  • Pedestrian walkways
  • Any project requiring safe temporary access for vehicles and equipment 


Safety and Performace

  • Cost effective and safe option compared to plywood- will not warp or rot 
  • Only mat with unique elongated connection holes-prevent trip hazard when connected mats expand in high temperature 
  • IsoTraction R surface design is based on tyre manufacturer traction research and has been independently tested to demonstrate superior grip for vehicles compared to other mats 
  • Prevent vehicles and workers getting bogged down-avoice costs associated with down time
  • Avoice ground reinstatement costs. 

Traction testing of ISOTRACK L MATS Dry conditions and Mud Condition on second bellow.



  • Testing was undertaken by Ljubljana University to compare the effectiveness of the IsoTracton R num surface design with the nub surface designs of major mat competitors(solid and cellular core mats)
  • A fixed load was applied to a truck tyre(pressure 6.3 bars) with a contact area of 540M3
  • The force required to move each mat surface samples under the tyre was recorded 
  • Testing was carried using dry surface and with mud applied to the mat surface samples
  • IsoTraction R nub design recorded up to 20% better results compared to the competitor nub surface designs in dry conditions and 50% better in wet mud conditions

General information

Overall area 2410×1200mm
Height Total 20mm core 12mm
Useable Surface Area 2.89m2
Weight 36㎏
Colour Black(standard)
other colours optional
Logistic Standard high cube 40'ft container 500mats, Truack standard EU 650 mats
Handling Handhold cut-outs for easy handling-two person lift. No specialist tools or equipment required
Recycling 100% Recyclable
Safety Nub strucure prevents slips, trips, falls
Environmental No liquid absorption and chemically inert. Easy to clean/decontaminate
Load bearing capacity Up to 80 tonnes(depending on ground conditions)
Fire Rating UL 94HB