Company Name Mensan Isosport Japan Corporation
Company Address No. 1-10 Nihonbashi-Kabutochou, Chuo-ku,
Tokyo, Japan 103-0026
President Yoohei Iwasa
Estabilised 1972/October
Capital Yen 15 millions



Dear Sirs or Madams,
Established in October, 1972, and the company initially had engaged with the winter sport sector such as ski and snowboard industry. Thereafter, in cooperation with Isosport Verbundbauteile Ges.m.b.h in Austria, the company has been playing the role as the general exclusive agent over Japanese market for the thermoplastic raw materials for ski and snowboard’s construction produced by Isosport. In line with our two partnerships, we have built up the efficient distribution channels rapidly and have grown by innumerable kindly supports from customers.


In 2006, for the sake of stabilizing better performance to be more capable of carrying out our transactions strategically and coping with daily exchange of information among our channel at every occasion accordingly, Isosport and Mensan formed a capital tie up and Mensan changed the company name as Mensan Isosport Japan Corporation, at that time Shun Iwasa was enrolled in as the president of the company, the founder of the company Mensan Corporation from the start, meanwhile we have broadened its customers and quality oriented services.


Isosport is the world market leader in the field of plastic composite materials for the ski and snowboard industry and a reliable quality supplier of high performance films and sheets. Sandwich panels, composites, decoration and effect materials and tennis strings. As part of the privately managed, international industrial corporation Constantia Industries AG, Isosport innovative products are distributed in many countries all over the world. Strategic cooperation ensure our flexibility and complexity requests to meet individual customer needs with customized and innovative solutions in plastic composite materials.


Regarding our supply chain management in the logistics field, as one of our great assets, thanks to the experienced consolidators more than decades, their skilled stuffs have coordinated well organized service in place quickly whenever we employ. We have utilized their premium service efficiently for our daily delivery and our daily communication have enabled our vertical channel to be so conductive to more effective and flexible integration that we are able to meet customer’s requirements in order to support customer’s productivity and their lead time issues as much as possible in a way we are always available for putting forward comprehensive a broadly consultation in all affiars.


Thanks to our customers, we are building very qualitied and connected customers and suppliers partnership progressively and will achieve our goals with all paticipants for year to come. We are committed to address ourselves not only to our own evolution, to a continuous contribution and to participation in the related field but also focus on our strength /and capacity as a key driving force underlying our knowledge in terms of exploring a possible success mutually with customers in the field of our expertise. As well, we are pursuing every new opportunity and new developments of which we have recognized that it would bring us the evolution of a new and current sector with better performance and the best solution.


In the hope of that we absolutely believe that this would meet with customer’s satisfaction, we will encourage our customers with confidence and integrated service including in from inquiries in general to even niche demands. We pull our team together to take action. Please feel free to contact us, we are looking forward to serving you. We appreciate your kind cooperation and continuous support.

Best regards,
On the behalf of Mensan Isosport Japan Corporation,
Mensan Isosport Japan Corporation
President: Yoohei Iwasa