Product Range


Ski and Snowboard field


UHMW PE Running base

Skiving technology , running base, UHMW PE sintered and extrusion process.

We have offered our running base suitable to various conditions to customer's needs as we produce by sintering and extrusion processe.

Our tailored running base have designed to acheive the best performance that users can play.


Glass, Basalt, and Carbon reinforcement laminate

Isosport manufacutures various fibre compound materials with epoxy matrix in a continious production procedure.  With this processing, our laminate produces excellent mechanical properties.


Top sheets PA, TPU/ABS, ABS

Our top sheets can provide wide variety of possiblity for decorations on the surface designs in ski and snowboard production.  Our film are treated thermodiffusion treatment which helps bonding property as well as secure stable mechanical geometrical property and wear resistance.  Isocap ensures that outstanding brilliant appearance. we have transparent, opaque colour and embossing structure patterns on the surface.


Core PU resin and glass matts

Layers of glass matt fleece are impregnated with PU form resin and attains premium high end core, hardness and flex, relative to very light weight.  This would certainly reduce the overall weight of ski and snowboard as well as upgrade the quality.


Side wall materials, ABS, and others

ABS sidewall have optimal hardness and have variety of colors along with Pantone code.  Very stable stiffness will promote good mechnical property overall ski and snowbaord performance.


Titanal from AMAG

Aluminum alloy 7XXX series T6 can reinforce the construction of ski and snowboards. Very thin layers from 0.40mm up to 1.00 are available.  We can apply anodization on the surface or supply non-anodization.


Non-Ski field


FIM films.

Very thin layer films made of PC, PA, ABS, PMMA and others can bring out very outstanding feature in injection moulding plastic parts and shape the best part for interior in automobile and other application.  Contact us for futher details.


Tennis strings

We have tailored various kinds of strings suitable to any phase of competitions.

Our R&D teams are always looking after customers's feedback and aiming at producing the state of the art products.


Sandwich-composite Panels

technical product requirements are continuously increasing:  High durability and low weight are key.  necessitating the application of new, high-performance composite materials. To meet these demands, Isosport has developed LAMINAEX panels based on sandwich construction.

Applications:  Concreat forming panels. and others.  Contact us for further information.



GREEN CORE-The Sustainable Ski core

In order to give the concept of sustainability and the increasing demand for sports equipment produced in an environmentally freindly way the attention they deserve, Isosport set out to make an important contribution.  We are serching better secured products with nature to meet the latest issues over global environment.


If you have any further quetion, please do not hesitate to contact us on our web site inquiry form.  We are pleased to answer about your question.